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Introduction to Aquaponics - AP 101

Duration - 2 hours

Cost - $55.00

This is a 2 hour-College level class that encompasses the basics of starting an Aquaponic food production system for the home-based gardener. The student will be presented the information to gain a working knowledge of the science behind Aquaponics, and a rudimentary knowledge of construction practices.

Topics include:          

  • Introduction - What is Aquaponics? The science of Bacteria, fish and PH.
  • Media types - Which Media should be used and why.
  • Deep Water Culture - Rafts and their design and use.
  • Math behind Aquaponics - How much, how often and how not to kill your fish!
  • General fish recommendations - What types (breeds), how many and how often.
  • Water sources - What is best and what to avoid.
  • Fish Tanks - What to use and what to stay away from.
  • Air - The ins and outs of O2.
  • Starting a new AP System - Cycling, Testing and other necessary activities.
  • Media Beds - Different types and functions.
  • Pest Control - What to use, and what to encourage.
  • Resources - Books, DVD's Where to buy materials.

This course is considered to be a primer and should not be considered as the end of your AP education. This is enough information to get a student started toward taking the first steps. The student is encouraged to take additional steps toward furthering their education before embarking on a new AP System Build.


Seed Starting 101 - SS 101

Duration - 2 hours

Cost - $30.00

In this course, the student will gain the knowledge it takes to successfully start their own seeds to be used in a variety of gardening environments. The assumption is that the student is looking at starting seeds indoors, or in a cold frame environment.

Topics Include:

  • Preparation - How to plan for success!
  • Understanding the Nature of Seeds - Different seeds require different treatment.
  • Supplies - Mediums, pots, trays, lights and dozens of other neat things.
  • Timing - When to start seeds.
  • Starting - Methods used for planting seeds to ensure best germination.
  • Maintenance - What to do after you have planted your seeds.
  • Hardening off - When you think it is time to transplant them.
  • Saving seeds - Why, how and why not.
  • Resources - Where to buy stuff.

While this course gives a basic knowledge to help the student become successful in growing their own transplants,  it is not considered a comprehensive, exhaustive guide on the subject. Gardeners can spend a lifetime developing their expertise in this subject. However, the student should leave this course with a sense of confidence and enthusiasm for seed starting.


Vegetable Gardening 101 - GRD 101

Duration- 2 hours

Cost - $30.00

In this course, the student will gain a basic knowledge of where why & how to plan a garden. The student will receive valuable insights into the fundamentals of different Gardening methods, preparations, soil types, plant families and fertilizers.


Topics include:

  • Planning guidelines - Where to start my garden and why
  • Soil Preparation - Modifying existing soil, raised beds and other forms of soil.
  • Seeds or Transplants? - Making the decisions about how to start plants and varieties  
  • Irrigation - The how-to associated with a variety of watering methods
  • Fertilizer - Organic, Commercial, Compost tea and other considerations
  • Gardening Seasons - When to grow what.

After completion of this course, the student should have the confidence and knowledge to start and maintain a vegetable garden of their own. The amount of time each individual spends on each process of developing their garden will determine the success and harvest. The student should leave this class with an appreciation for organic methods and an understanding for change in farming/gardening methods.